Monday, March 2, 2009

The Idea

OK, so the blog title already kind of gives away what my idea is, but a little more info would be useful!

The idea is to trigger my Digital SLR camera from a selection of trigger sources:
  • Audio trigger - Make a noise and a photo is taken
  • Light trigger - Break a light beam and a photo is taken
  • Manual trigger - Press a button and a photo is taken
In each case, it should be possible to set various parameters, such as the trigger level, delay between the trigger and the actual photo and the length of the trigger, to allow for multiple shots to be taken or for bulb exposure.

An LCD display will be connected via the I2C bus and four push button switches will be used to control and setup the trigger. In addition to the external trigger mechanisms, it would also be nice to add a timer function to perform time-lapse photography i.e. take 1 shot per minute for 10 minutes, or more precise control of bulb exposures, i.e. 7.3s exposure time.

The camera to be controlled is primarily a Canon EOS 450D, however, the output will be more generic so that the system can be used to control other camera brands/models as well as external flash guns by using different cables.

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